Curriculum and Objectives

For any questions about what we teach in the 2nd grade, feel free to ask any of us, but also consider checking out and follow the links to 2nd grade in the various subjects.

During the month of August, we will be covering the following topics:

  • In Math, we are starting off by working with even and odd numbers.  We will also be breaking numbers into equal groups and describing how many tens and ones different numbers are made up of.
  • In Reading, we are exploring how setting and characters effect a story.  We are also beginning to sequence events in text.
  • In Writing, we are learning how to write complete sentences.  We talk about simple and compound sentences, how to make them more interesting, and how to know if they make sense.
  • In Science, we are building the foundation for the rest of the year by learning all about the scientific processes and how to be a scientist. (We are learning how to work in groups during engineering challenges, too.  So fun!)
  • In Social Studies, we are learning about our classroom community by getting to know each other and celebrating our similarities and differences.

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